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Can Gilded Lettering Increase Your Bottom Line?

Gilded Lettering Brass, bronze and many other metals can be polished to be very shiny. But, because they don't have the light reflectivity, they don't shine with the luster and brilliance of gold. Gold leaf on dimensional letters are magical by comparison in that there is a constant transition of highlights and shadows defining the shapes. This is because of the reflectivity of the gold. read more »

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gallons of paint Thanks again, Gold Leaf Letters, I hope to do business with you again in the near future. Tracy Baer, Owner
Baer's Sign Service
The burnish on them is unbelievably brilliant, comparable to a water gild, and it just shows that you really know your stuff. Bruce Buckley & Robert Frese
Chicagold Sign Co.
Gold Leaf Letters saved us valuable time by providing us with great service and a great product. Bruce Cowles
Sandpiper Signs, Lecanto, FL
These signs get a lot of exposure (very busy road), and are now one of my "Show-Off" jobs. Mike Dunkel
Dynamic Signs Paris, MI
Gold Leaf Letters is the place to go for professionally gilded dimensional letters! Ashley Davis
Shore Sign Company - Chester, Maryland
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Solutions that have made my clients signs more affective

Does your sign blend in with all the other signs? Want to let people know that your business is a cut above the rest? In my 25 years of commercial signmaking, I have designed signs with style, beauty, and most of all, impact. Here are 4 solutions that have made my clients' signs more attractive and their businesses more successful.

Sign Placement

The impact of a sign is affected by numerous factors. Size and placement are the first considerations. We have produced signage in over 40 states and Canada. In nearly every part of the country there are ordinances in place regulating among other things, the size and placement of your sign. When planning your sign we need to determine the ordinance that covers your sign along with lease restrictions, if that applies. Another consideration is the speed of the traffic at your location, which affects the size the letters need to be to be easily read. With these rules in mind, we can plan the most effective location of your sign or signs and what they should say. Keep in mind that signs don't work like most other forms of advertising. The reader has a limited time to view your sign, so the message should be bold and brief.

Proper Illumination

To determine if the sign should be illuminated just ask yourself: will my business be open at night and is there sufficient traffic at this location if not to warrant the expense of lighting my sign? As with all decisions regarding your sign, you should remember that once you've bought the sign, it will be working for you for years, with some occasional maintenance. You should always opt for the most effective signage you can afford. As for lighting, it can be internal using neon, florescent or LED lighting, or external using flood or spot lights. We can help with these decisions.

The Right Sign Design

This is the most important part of the project. I studied with the late Mike Stevens, author of the book 'Mastering the Art of Eye Appeal'. Mike taught us that people read signs "graphically first and culturally second". What that means is that if your sign is professionally designed to maximize the viewers interest, they will get the message. And if it isn't they won't. Over the years, we have replaced many signs for clients who called us after their new sign was installed and said things like 'people have been coming in and saying are you new or we never knew you were here' thus proving that their old sign wasn't doing it's job. At Pro Signs we can design your sign to get attention and produce more business-guaranteed.

Using the Power of Gold

As you look through our gallery of signs you will notice that we incorporate gold leaf into many of the signs we produce. This is what we consider our 'secret weapon'. Not every budget can afford it, but the Power of Gold is undeniable. As my friend and mentor, Dusty Yaxley, puts it, 'gold leaf is a vacuum to the eye'. Gold leaf on dimensional letters simply can't be ignored. As we started using gilded letters years ago, we discovered how effective. After a few of these projects went up, I would mention them to prospective customers and they would nearly always have seen them. Today when I run into clients or friends they often mention 'I just saw the new sign for ___ and I knew you made it.' So you should definitely consider using the Power of Gold on your signage.

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