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Sign sketch Do you need an 'Indoor Sign' or an 'Outdoor Sign'? Building mounted or Monument style? Answering these plus a dozen additional questions is all I need to get started on a quote for your new sign. interactive guide »

Can Gilded Lettering Increase Your Bottom Line?

Gilded Lettering Brass, bronze and many other metals can be polished to be very shiny. But, because they don't have the light reflectivity, they don't shine with the luster and brilliance of gold. Gold leaf on dimensional letters are magical by comparison in that there is a constant transition of highlights and shadows defining the shapes. This is because of the reflectivity of the gold. read more »

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-Experience Does Count-

Hi, I'm Mike Facemire, The owner and CEO of Pro Signs. I established my business in 1982 and have honed my skills to become a well respected professional and an influential source in the signage industry for the past 25 years.

I make contributions to the industry of signage in the form of hosting national events and publishing informative articles. Through these channels I have shared my techniques in the art of signage and learned a few tricks from some of the most talented craftsmen in the business.

To me a sign is an extension of your smile, the way your business says 'welcome, come on in'. Taught at an early age how to apply gold leaf lettering, I learned the trade secrets of gilding from master guilder, Dusty Yaxley. My excellence in gold relief embellishments has not only allowed me to create sparkle for my own clients' signs, but also for other professional sign designers as well.

My passion for the signage industry has allowed me to design thousands of hand crafted dimensional signs for many industries in my home area of Pasco County, Florida, and as far away as Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. I have satisfied many customers and look forward to speaking with you about your sign needs.