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Sign sketch Do you need an 'Indoor Sign' or an 'Outdoor Sign'? Building mounted or Monument style? Answering these plus a dozen additional questions is all I need to get started on a quote for your new sign. interactive guide »

Can Gilded Lettering Increase Your Bottom Line?

Gilded Lettering Brass, bronze and many other metals can be polished to be very shiny. But, because they don't have the light reflectivity, they don't shine with the luster and brilliance of gold. Gold leaf on dimensional letters are magical by comparison in that there is a constant transition of highlights and shadows defining the shapes. This is because of the reflectivity of the gold. read more »

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Monument signs are an elegant way to make a bold announcement of a company’s presence. Using a wide variety of materials and design options, we’ll build a monument sign that not only promotes your business, but also creates the unique image that is consistent with all your branding efforts. Quote me on this sign »
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Meet The Pro Designed my first sign in 1968 working with a friend I learned along the way that if you are going to make the better signs you cannot also make the cheapest signs. read more »

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Sign help Just a little business signs 101 here. Today, there are a number of sign types, styles, and options to help make your sign more profitable. I will give you a brief explanation of each, show a few examples along the way, and offer my professional advise via e-mail or phone. learn more »